fredag 23 augusti 2013

"Forever alone"

Good evening!♫ 
I really dislike the "Forever Alone"-saying well it was funny the first 10 minutes but when people use it now I'm like STOP RIGHT THERE.

Anyway, school was fine, we went to a trip to Drottningholms Slott and ate and had it really sweet!♡ 
I love my class ;u; even if I look very different and my appearence changes quite often, they accept me and most of them respect me. I'm really lucky to be in such a class!

Anyway today I'' going to take a sweet shower, bake something, watch a cozy movie night with my family and then play games with friends!(o◞ิ‿◟ิo) 
Also read a manga by Ai Yazawa I will talk about later!!

Have a great evening!!☆ 

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