fredag 2 augusti 2013

-insert cool and deep quote here-

Today I woke up and I felt so bad that I had to cancel my plans for today...
I hate when that happens because I hate to make my friends sad or disappointed..(╯︵╰,) 
I treasure friends because they are who you spend fun time with, It's not fun at all to be alone. Last summer I only had 1 person I could hang out with since I felt comfortable with her. But she was going to Spain almost the whole summer and I was left alone. NOT FUN
So I'm so grateful for all the new friends and memories I've gained now. I have new best friends, new awesome friends and a great, great band.
Me at Närcon some days ago~
And right now I'm listening to the GazettE, been listening to 'em really much this week?? and some oldies from LM.C (Like OM Juliet and BOY&GIRL etc)
Also... I have this new fierce passion for Japanese Hip Hop.
Just listen this is gr8!!!

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