måndag 28 oktober 2013

Finally! Update! Wow!

Hi lovelies!
 I've been quite unactive but not anymore! I shall now update you on what I've done these past few weeks. I've quit being in Daizies, since..
I'm going to be honest now. I felt leftout so bad.
Ever since that person started ignoring me, the mood felt really, really uncomfortable.
I tried to be strong and everything while I was there, but it ended up in me having pain in my stomach before the rehearsals, and crying on the toilet.
Pathetic right?
I was so sad that I had to leave but I just couldn't bear out with that anymore. So I quit. Well, let's not be too sad..
I've kinda moved on now, since I made two songs about how I felt etc, and its going really well! I'm happy for the other friends I have, and they make me so happy. I am so thankful for you guys being there for me. Help(/ω\)
When me and my bestie Bel had a photoshoot!
 Though I am more motivated than ever! Saw "Vi är bäst!" on cinema and WOW SWEET JESUS It was so good and now I'm gonna do everything to make my dreams come true!! I just need to buy or borrow a really fancy and good microphone and maybe camera so I can record when I sing.... (╯︵╰,) I've also hanged out alot with friends, and saw EatYourKimchi, got my taobao stuff (which im going to write about later!) and yeah! I think photos will explain more so enjoy!

made this all by myself 8))
Ate on swedens fanciest pizza restaurant :D yum!!
Practicing semi-realism on Zico<3
Taobao stuff!!! aaah!! 8kg!!
It was cinnamon roll day in sweden! ^^ got these in school!
more semirealism<3 Taehyun from BTS

Going to do more blogpost about what I did today with bel, and about my taobao stuff, and my plans, and gamex and selfies AND YES You should just follow my blog hehehe(◡‿◡✿)
C ya!!

onsdag 2 oktober 2013


Long time no see~!
I'm currently in a boring english lesson at school ;A;
So, this weekend I was at peppcon with cutest Shanti!
We took the train to Uppsala at 12 and then took the bus to the con.
The con itself wasnt that good, it felt really unorganized and I didnt have to pay for the entrance?? Like what. And there was barely any events :( well, I had fun with my company and we we're also in the fashion show together! I hope I will find some pics to upload later! 
It was my first, uhh, catwalk-walk, and in the beginning I was so nervous.. But then I suddenly wasnt. It actually felt pretty good and a bit nuuhh since there wasnt so many people.
I hung out with Alice, her bf, Isa, cute Vivi and Dixi, two guys from G-Host and alot more! 
Made me feel like I actually have friends haha♡ Its not healthy for me to dont meet people for more than one or two weeks wow~
Gonna have a bandrehearsal today, study a bit, then tomorrow meet my bestfriend Bel, and on friday hopefully Jonna!<3 I dont have any plans on saturday tho ;3;
Bye for now!
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