måndag 28 oktober 2013

Finally! Update! Wow!

Hi lovelies!
 I've been quite unactive but not anymore! I shall now update you on what I've done these past few weeks. I've quit being in Daizies, since..
I'm going to be honest now. I felt leftout so bad.
Ever since that person started ignoring me, the mood felt really, really uncomfortable.
I tried to be strong and everything while I was there, but it ended up in me having pain in my stomach before the rehearsals, and crying on the toilet.
Pathetic right?
I was so sad that I had to leave but I just couldn't bear out with that anymore. So I quit. Well, let's not be too sad..
I've kinda moved on now, since I made two songs about how I felt etc, and its going really well! I'm happy for the other friends I have, and they make me so happy. I am so thankful for you guys being there for me. Help(/ω\)
When me and my bestie Bel had a photoshoot!
 Though I am more motivated than ever! Saw "Vi är bäst!" on cinema and WOW SWEET JESUS It was so good and now I'm gonna do everything to make my dreams come true!! I just need to buy or borrow a really fancy and good microphone and maybe camera so I can record when I sing.... (╯︵╰,) I've also hanged out alot with friends, and saw EatYourKimchi, got my taobao stuff (which im going to write about later!) and yeah! I think photos will explain more so enjoy!

made this all by myself 8))
Ate on swedens fanciest pizza restaurant :D yum!!
Practicing semi-realism on Zico<3
Taobao stuff!!! aaah!! 8kg!!
It was cinnamon roll day in sweden! ^^ got these in school!
more semirealism<3 Taehyun from BTS

Going to do more blogpost about what I did today with bel, and about my taobao stuff, and my plans, and gamex and selfies AND YES You should just follow my blog hehehe(◡‿◡✿)
C ya!!

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