söndag 24 november 2013


I've really been feeling like poo these days! Im not content with any of my egopix so I havent been able to update instagram... Wow...

Well anyway this week has been great!
I was at the High School Fair, or gymnasiemässan, on friday! It was very fun at first but people wanted to take pictures of me because of my eyes?? And it was so much people that I panicked.. Luckily we ended really early so me and a gang from my class ended up on mcdonalds<3 
( me and my belskling before Thor 2!!<33)
Im not interested in starting High School here in sweden, since my dream is to live in japan and I will do so as fast as I end school. I've already decided where to live, which high schools and where I can work part-time! There's still much lefy though ;3; but at least I know what I want to do in the future!
And yesterday I was at home with my childhood friend and we had it real fun and cozy! Ive cleaned my room and my brother moved his laptop and keyboard here so now we sit next to each other and uses the computer teehee!
I was sitting relaxing in my throne, waiting for my friend to come, and listened to music and just. I was just so happy. I do live a great life, and I am so thankful for it. You really have to cherish the small stuff too. Gaah<3
Me in my throne (o◞ิ‿◟ิo) 

And then later in the evening I went to Isa/Tomidomme ! It took like one hour sweet cheesus! But it was so worth it since we had it so cozy and great!
You know when you just "click" with someone? Thats what happend, I think we resemble each other really much.. And even if we talked much, it feels like we could talk forever??
So we were like yeaah lets see many movies but in the end we could only see one since it got kinda late and I had to go ;u; but that one movies was the best woww Im not really a fan of horror movies  since I always get so upset and feel bad for the persons being haunted but?? This one was mindbreaking and so good!! Its called Shutter and I give it 5 micros of 5!

And now today I feel really sick and tired and?? Weak?? ;;-;; I want to be alone at times like these and only have a cute boy or girlfriend to take care of me uhuhu<3
Oh and I really have like two "loveproblems" but lets not talk about that haha!
I love you guys so much, everyones comments make me so happy and I just wanna hug you all!
Kisses //Mikuru

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Isa sa...

Gullenos! Har inte sett att du skrivit så gulligt tidigare ; - ; Puss!

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