fredag 13 december 2013

Two words one finger

I've done quite much this last week! Yesterday I tried out a more natural kind of makeup, and then after school I went to meet my friends from my summercamp! It was so fun, and I love being with them. They make me so happy and I dont really know why?
But we went around town alot and everyone is so different!
So I did it like this - ulzzang inspired!

And I also met my kokoro, jen and amanda some days ago! ^-^ we talked alot and had a fika<3 it was really cozy but I felt so tired, I always feel tired after school, and I hope I wasnt too boring haha ;u;
And last week I was at the kerbera consert in Huddinge! I met up with kokoro, and alot of other friends were there too! We all walked together, and after the consert we got to mcdonalds and talked for ?? Two hours?? Or something and it was so fun hahah<3 jözz also gave me a ten swedish crowns and I will never forget that she's so kind</3
Also me and cutest Amanda/Himetenshi aaah she's the cutest and so sweet puzz<3
The whole gang~! (Actually no we were more persons than this haha ;3;)

And then today I was at school as usual and we got to know our grades in science classes and mathmatics! I am so proud since I've made my grades higher! Not gonna tell them tho for various reasons~ but I can say that I am very happy and I will do even better next term! I will never stop fighting for my dream to open up a childcare in japan<3 
Well thats it for now!
Going to meet friends this weekend and hopefully a lot of them next week since I'll be going to South America the 20th and stay there in?? 4 or 3 weeks!!

onsdag 4 december 2013

Scifimässan! The Scifi fair!

Last saturday I was at scifimässan, or the scifi fair!
It was so fun!! Met many friends and watched awesome cosplay and also helped my bro with his selfmade Tau Fire Warrior cosplay!

My bro Taumich at the left, my friend Pilerud's Cosplay in the middle and Salamander at the left (I dont know who he is - if you know please comment uvu)
Another pic of us at gamex together with other LoL cosplayers! Im Lux, left of Pilerud (big red cool as sh*t blood angel marine)
Dressed up as lolita first time in?? Two years?? Haha wow, its my old but really really beautiful dress from Bodyline...
Btw! Im going to start dress upp as kodona/ouji next year! Will buy my order after new years~!
The time flies by so fast, its scary.. Feels like I was 12 years old some months go, discovering the japanese coulture. Now Im here, and I never though I would look like this and have these amazing friends that i have now. Treasure the time ok! And remember that friends come and go, only true ones will remain. Its ok to cry, but dont do it too much because then everything will feel sad and awful hahah.
When I arrived at the scifi fair I immediately saw my bro! He stood out in the crowd hehe! So with him was Olle/Steamfvnk , my friend who made this awesome Iron Man armor! He is superskilled and also made a Biker (Stormtrooper) cosplay (all by himself) google him!^-^
So he was about to change from Iron Man to Tony Stark, and I asked if I could try his Iron Man armor! He said yes so that's what I looked like in the fair! A Iron Maiden!! (So cool)
(Mr Steamfvnk taking a break)
It was so fun! I love meeting and talking to creative people and aahh the atmosphere is wonderful! Im so happy I went even tho I was/still are sick..!

There were so many people there, I had to stand in line for about 40 min, but it was worth it! And there were really crowded and many people cosplayed, like, the Doctor and Star Wars Parade, and Star Trek and the Goblin and many more! Lots of "nerd" stuff hehe! They were also selling much merchandise and interesting stuff, movies, retro games, consoles, autographs, etc. I didnt buy anything to, I barely had the time to look around since I was busy with friends ^^'
But my bro bought a GameCube controller, so now we have 4! Weehoo! So if anyone wanna play Super Snash Bros or Zelda call me! ;-))
Now me and my bro are so inspired and going to make new cosplays! I've already started skissing and made patterns for it, we just need to buy armor material. So excited aahh!! Its going to be a secret til I've made some progress hehe!
Well, thats all for now!
Byebye~♡ !
// Mikuru
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