onsdag 12 februari 2014

Movies, Cinema and Bubble Tea

Hello guize!
Today has been an eventful, fun and stressful day!
We were supposed to go 10 km around a lake for our sportsday, where every lesson is cancelled so that we can go and move our fat asses, but no one thought it would be fun, so we decided to skip it and meet up to go to the cinema, eat at a restaurant, and chill instead!
So that's what we did! (●´∀`●)
We all decided to see the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and wooow it was so good! I like how it was about reality, and at the same time about fantasy and daydreaming. It was about Ben Stiller who lives an incredibly boring and pathetic life, and in his head he's imagining surreal things that would happen.
But then, something happens, he needs to find a certain man, he travels the world to do so, and blablabla he discovers what life truly means, and all the things in the world that you can do and experience.
So dont just sit there and throw away your life! There's so much beauty in this world waah.
Inbäddad bildlänk
I also saw Robocop two days ago, and it feels so weird watching movies so frequently. Up til now the last cinema movie I saw was Hobbit and that was a year ago..
And Robocop was aaaaaawesome!! The story wasnt that good, and I felt so annoyed during many moments throughout the movie but the visual effects, design, and everything was so perfect. 
I mean daaaaaaaaamn!!! I want that mc. And also it's one of my fav actors Joel Kinnaman (who is swedish hehe proud yes) who is mr robo and that makes everything perfect wow!
Though I really like the originals much more.
Got inspired by robo so i drew something
And then after the movie we went to Pizza Hut and etc everyone had to split up, so me and some girls in my class went to grab some bubble tea! Three of them had never tasted it before so yeah it was pretty exciting for us! It's really hard to explain shortly what Bubble Tea is... But it was heaven yes.
I got mine for free since they're going to close the store (Bobo Tea) in 2 weeks... I'm devastated yes, but my friends family is going to open up a restaurant and sell even more bubbles! Wohoo!
Inbäddad bildlänk
She made kokos mango and mango bubbles to me and my favorite fruit IS MANGO how did she know that I am very happy such confused

and here's some pics from recently!
Did a more natural style gyaru makie! I like it so much since its so fast hehe and no heavy falsies
Man sometimes the manly me shows through the makeup and stuff uh
Gonna take a jog now I've eaten too much today woops
Love u guyysss! // Mikuru

söndag 9 februari 2014

Photoshoot - theme "I am your valentine"

It's been a eventful week! I've started jogging 5 km everyday after school, to be musculus and in shape to Tokyo! B-)) It's going really well!! A great thing to do if you wanna feel better in everyway.

Anyway, yesterday I met up with my bestfriend Lisa and we took some photos!
I've bought this pretty new jacket and it's supercool and warm so yeah it was pretty spontaneous.
The theme is something like"boyfriend waiting for his gf"? Since it's soon Valentines Day!
I have two people in mind who Imma give my kokoro to hehe!

And a funny thing was that beside us there was another photoshoot going on, so we were staring at each other hahah and I think they were professionals tho but yeyeyey

                                                      Click on the pics for larger ones!

Hehe that's it for now!
My future plans is to record when Im singing..,,, we will see how that goes
and as always, thank you so much for reading and looking!<3
Puuzz i love you all guuizze

exo // Jason

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