söndag 9 mars 2014

Attitude Stockholm yeaahh

Hello guys!
Yesterday I was at Attitude Sthlm in Kistamässan with alot of great nice nice people weeyy!! 
It was really fun and the atmosphere and some people were so refreshing wah I really love fashion i am certaint of it! There's so much creativity and freedom and when I see somethin I like it just touches my heart (cheesy as frickadill)
I mean damn son these are rad as heck esp the first one wheeew and I like the back of the last one that was drippingly sweet!!
Before heading into Attitude Sthlm me and Amanda (Himetenshi @ instagram) met up with Julia (Bubblipop @ instagram and her blog) or Bubblis before she had to take her train home! 
It was also my first time at Starbuckzzz in sweden and I have to say it didnt taste much more different from what I expected but hell it was expensive uh uh I prefer espresso house more (also cheaper) 
So we were fiking for an hour or so and then she had to go waäwäeö bubbliizz even tho we dont hang out much IRL i like her alot since you know you can feel the kindness from her and stuff  so yeye i gave her a lil gift♡ 
(From her twitter @bubblipop , rudely stealing)
The evolution of skyrim wow
No kidding but I took soooOo many selfies Im not gonna upload them right now aha that will be another post
And also pls dont steal my photos I am so scared of people doing that (tho i dont know why they would) and i dont have time to watermark them sof shjdkel please thank you or if you do credit me!
Playing the makeup game really well lately! Gonna do a makeup tutorial laterz

☆ ☆ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ 
Aaand also Amanda knew a person who was going to model in the catwalk show! So when we arrived we walked around a bit and got distracted by people who wanted to talk or take a photo of us and theen we saw a supercool fashion hair show - Joe
It was a dude called Joe-Yves doing hair and stuff like that and it was normal at first then got better because - 
HE STARTED COLORING A MODELS HAIR on the stage i like it
And then suddenly this army of hottiez came and woke up my dream to become a male model fo realz
This was the best part when a rapper came from nowhere and then his fellow gangmember jumped in and started swaggering like cray it was beautiful
Here's Amandas friend Victoria Lovelace who's also my friend now hihi! She looked stunning and even tho everyone was dressed the same she really stood out. Respect jao.
Weeee I am so gonna work in this scene damn 
Her new car wow whata strong lady also
Ahhmahgahd Mandizz is so cute 
Me, Amanda and Victoria! We joined a competition to win like a box full with aloe vera hahahah why did we even do that well they are such nice persons i hope we win sahhahh
Aaand then at the fair we hung out with the Fokiwa gang, seike, mischa, heikki, hdjaks and then of course Foki herself! She was so goddessly kind and sweet and everything, and I hope that I can help her/assist her more next time! It was about to close so we didnt really have enough time to talk sighs!

Every person that I met this day, I really wished we could spend more time with each other wow time really flies and I cant believe how many new and old people and friends I met just on one day. I was so fricken tired later that night when I came home sweet gsus

Ok goodnight this post took me like an hour bye xxx

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