onsdag 23 april 2014

What is life

Hello everyone!
Such a deep blog title don't worry I'm not gonna fall too deep into the holes of life.
My birthday is next Saturday and I literally have no idea what to do.
I kinda want to celebrate with my family, so that's really what I'm gonna do..
But I also want to celebrate it with friends, and then the... complex thing about this whole thing comes.
I do not really know which ones to invite. To my bday party that is. My friends are all so different, and the few close ones I have.. .they are few. And too damn different from each other so I can't possibly have them all on the same place.
So I'm thinking of just not celebrating it with friends this year. I mean, I'm not even 100% sure of which ones are my close friends. I have those I wanna befriend more but it feels weird inviting them to my bday party. I dont know. This makes me pretty upset though. I wished I had a group of friends I belonged to, like, there is no question about inviting me to do stuff together etc. It feels like I'm a bit here, a bit there, and I don't really hate it, it's just that when I see "friends" do fun stuff together I kinda.. really.. wished I was a part of them.
Well, can't do much about it can I?
So here's some outfit pics and such from this week!
Jacket: Made by me
Shoes: Dr Marten
And I dont know the rest ahah sorry 
And from my Sophie Hatter cosplay makeup test abow

Also made a makeup tutorial on this one!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xoxox mikurururur

onsdag 16 april 2014

Date with Vivekatt!

Long time no see!
I have like two posts I havent published yet, will do that soon!
Well, this week I am FREEE weeeoo meaning I have no school at all and that is SWEET as CHIPS mmm
But I still wanna meet friends and such, so yesterday I met up with Vivi (@vivekatt)
And we seriously went through most of stockholm. We walked like 10000 steps not even joking
Hehe vivi's really good at going on my longboard I am impressed!!<3
Then we walked and grabbed some lunch at Ramen Ki-Mama! It was delicioouuss wow!! And fun!! I never eat real food with friends ?? Just the usual fika?? So this was very very nice abow♡ 
We almost missed it tho since we talked so much and didnt focus on where we were...
And then we went to Kungsträdgården and saw the sakura trees/cherry blossoms!! It was ... Amazing really I got a tear in my eye because it reminded me of being in japan. Damn i wanna go back to japan.
We seriously talked the entire day, not a moment with a long silence (except when we tried to get those noodles in da mouth) and we share so much in common and she's so funny and cute This date was 10/10 definitely, miss you already~~!!
I'm happy that we spent time together weehoo!!
Bye for now!

torsdag 3 april 2014

First week of work!

Today I ended my first week of work! Wiiee!!
I worked at a Antiquariat/Second Hand Bookstore and it was really fun and interesting! I love books extremely much and got to read alot of them there aswell! My brain cant handle all the new stuff I've learnt. Whew.
Two days agos outfit! It was awesome to try to match with the enviroment, and I naturally sticked to lolita ish clothes. Felt pretty as frick.
Shirt is from Baby the stars shine bright and skirt is from Bodyline.
Shirt from H&M, halfwig from eBay and pants from taobao!
Those glasses are my real ones (with power) and 's from some swedish dentist but for glassespeople (idek its name in english)

Picture butst:
Beautiful books goddamn:
And at last, todays outfit!
So yeah! Gonna prepare for tomorrows Harajuku Sthlm! (Japanloppis) aand just chill! Cant wait til tomorrow!
Dont forget to follow, comment and share i dont know bye xoxoxoxxxx
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