onsdag 16 april 2014

Date with Vivekatt!

Long time no see!
I have like two posts I havent published yet, will do that soon!
Well, this week I am FREEE weeeoo meaning I have no school at all and that is SWEET as CHIPS mmm
But I still wanna meet friends and such, so yesterday I met up with Vivi (@vivekatt)
And we seriously went through most of stockholm. We walked like 10000 steps not even joking
Hehe vivi's really good at going on my longboard I am impressed!!<3
Then we walked and grabbed some lunch at Ramen Ki-Mama! It was delicioouuss wow!! And fun!! I never eat real food with friends ?? Just the usual fika?? So this was very very nice abow♡ 
We almost missed it tho since we talked so much and didnt focus on where we were...
And then we went to Kungsträdgården and saw the sakura trees/cherry blossoms!! It was ... Amazing really I got a tear in my eye because it reminded me of being in japan. Damn i wanna go back to japan.
We seriously talked the entire day, not a moment with a long silence (except when we tried to get those noodles in da mouth) and we share so much in common and she's so funny and cute This date was 10/10 definitely, miss you already~~!!
I'm happy that we spent time together weehoo!!
Bye for now!

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