torsdag 3 april 2014

First week of work!

Today I ended my first week of work! Wiiee!!
I worked at a Antiquariat/Second Hand Bookstore and it was really fun and interesting! I love books extremely much and got to read alot of them there aswell! My brain cant handle all the new stuff I've learnt. Whew.
Two days agos outfit! It was awesome to try to match with the enviroment, and I naturally sticked to lolita ish clothes. Felt pretty as frick.
Shirt is from Baby the stars shine bright and skirt is from Bodyline.
Shirt from H&M, halfwig from eBay and pants from taobao!
Those glasses are my real ones (with power) and 's from some swedish dentist but for glassespeople (idek its name in english)

Picture butst:
Beautiful books goddamn:
And at last, todays outfit!
So yeah! Gonna prepare for tomorrows Harajuku Sthlm! (Japanloppis) aand just chill! Cant wait til tomorrow!
Dont forget to follow, comment and share i dont know bye xoxoxoxxxx

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