onsdag 23 april 2014

What is life

Hello everyone!
Such a deep blog title don't worry I'm not gonna fall too deep into the holes of life.
My birthday is next Saturday and I literally have no idea what to do.
I kinda want to celebrate with my family, so that's really what I'm gonna do..
But I also want to celebrate it with friends, and then the... complex thing about this whole thing comes.
I do not really know which ones to invite. To my bday party that is. My friends are all so different, and the few close ones I have.. .they are few. And too damn different from each other so I can't possibly have them all on the same place.
So I'm thinking of just not celebrating it with friends this year. I mean, I'm not even 100% sure of which ones are my close friends. I have those I wanna befriend more but it feels weird inviting them to my bday party. I dont know. This makes me pretty upset though. I wished I had a group of friends I belonged to, like, there is no question about inviting me to do stuff together etc. It feels like I'm a bit here, a bit there, and I don't really hate it, it's just that when I see "friends" do fun stuff together I kinda.. really.. wished I was a part of them.
Well, can't do much about it can I?
So here's some outfit pics and such from this week!
Jacket: Made by me
Shoes: Dr Marten
And I dont know the rest ahah sorry 
And from my Sophie Hatter cosplay makeup test abow

Also made a makeup tutorial on this one!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xoxox mikurururur

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