söndag 11 maj 2014

My great weekend!!

Hello guys!!!
This week has been really great and fun!
Some days ago I met cuties Jonna and Arri for a fika! Then Fabian and Siri also joined hehe it was nice and cozy!!! Havent met them in a while! 
I had some kind of emo boy wb host outfit i dont know but it looked ok!!
Truth is I was too lazy to do anything flashy wops sorry
Um yes
Jonna (@glitterhelgon) is such a cutie and we have many similar interests that is very gut and also Arri is such a stylish lady wow impressed
I had a birthday party with my bestest childhood friends and daaamn it was so fun and crazy and I love them so much and Im so glad I have them ;;3;; Already miss you guys so much!!
And that cake was the most delicious cake I've ever eaten omg :-(( rakel is da best
Unfortunately I dont have any pics of us all together but :-( heres my foreva bestfriend Lisa
She is like a potato
And then my outfit!!

I have to write about my fika with tomidomme/Isa but this post is so long sooo I'll do that tomorrow!♡ 
Bye readers ilu!!!!<333
Xoxoxoxox mikuru

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