måndag 30 juni 2014

Storcon 2014!

I've spent the past weekend at Uppsala/Storvreta, in Storcon!
I didnt have anywhere to sleep since that place I would have slept in, it cancelled.
So I was a bit stressed and panicked over where I would sleep?? But then sweetie Steph let
me sleep at her place wow she really saved me!! Im so grateful.

 The first day I just wanted to have comfy clothes and such so I just had a boring black wig and no underlashes etc etc. This day was really good!! Since I met Fabian and Jonna (@tonfiskhelgon and @glitterhelgon) and they saved my social life so to say

 And Jonna is the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest and hahaha so funny i like her so much<3<3 feels like we became closer and I am really happy!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway! On Saturday me and Jonna decided to dress up in Ko Gyaru/Kogal!
I'm still waitin for Fabians cool pro pics he took but!! here's some selfies etc for the moment!!
Me and Meltychocolatemoon (Raichi) and her sister Amina!
They were soo cute and nice waah!
Me and Simon!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ He is the best!! Heart of gold-dude!!
We played a lot of card games.... there was this one who we played for HOURS...
It was the best thing on the whole con. Im serious. I hate Fabian btw he sucks.

I didnt buy anything special except for this one!! (and food/drinks)
Its handmade (!) by Meltychocolatemoon or Raichi, you should totally visit her insta or facebook!
She does them all by herself and sells them cheap wow!! So pretty!
 Alice and Isa (´∀`)
 Alice puke fire!!!!!
I got this birthday present from Alice my baaaaaaaaae<333 Im so amazed
she's so skilled
they are so prettyyyyyyy and nice and wwawwoo
She also sells them so !! Go check her out at insta - @scorchingbones or facebook! (Alice Dearie)
And you will def. buy her stuff. So pro.
Im gonna buy her bday present in Tokyo hehehe(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) We have our birthdays on the same day, so
I think that is really fun!\(^▽^@)ノ
My bro ( Taumich ) was in the Cosplay competition! He's so cool! d=(´▽`)=b
 Yeaahh Kerbera members!! \m
Took some photos to SEIKE felt like a paparazzi (¬‿¬)
And then we overslept the last day so here's a pic of the beautiful church in Uppsala!
I'm so happy for my friends. I'll miss them so much when I'm in Tokyo. Sniff.

Love //Mikuru

torsdag 26 juni 2014

Boat trip to Finland!

I've spent some really nice days on Viking Line, a cruise boat/big boat, sorry I dont really know how to say it in english. Kryssning!
Aaand it was maarvelous! It's a great way to discover something new, like a city, food, new places and hanging out with friends and family cheap, easy and fast!
I think its underrated. Its actually really fun.
Jacket: its my moms
Scarf: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Taobao
Shoes: Converse
I didnt wear any makeup since we met our relatives. A bit boring but!!!
Didnt take any pictures in the boat except for of the food.... 
I miss the food it was so cheap and also buffé(t)??
Finally in Mariehamn!
Tbh it looked like Sweden ahahah
We had our cars so we drove to Järsö!
There was this really cozy and awesome and nice and beautiful café ohmylord how i wish this existed in Stockholm. Would go with my friends here forever. I ate their local pancake! Delicious.
And since it was taxfree on the boat I bought some nice branded stuff ;;;--)))
Like my fav perfume from BVLGARI - Jasmin Noir
It smells a bit sensuall and feminin and VERY luxurious. I like the dark kind of feeling you get.
First time I got to choose my makeup! I always just take whatever my mom has ahahha but a friend of mine said that Dior made really good mascaras and me and mom needed one so she bought it yeahhh!!!
I tried it on and damn its really good. And most importantly, its easy to remove it. My other ones were stuck on my lashes for three days no matter how much makeup remover or soap i used. 
I also bought a lila LV purse but its in my room now and I didnt take a photo of it so you'll see later!
That's it for now!
Byee!! //Jason


söndag 22 juni 2014

MTF Gyaru Makeup Tutorial or Transformation

Hello guys!
Yesterday I recorded myself while putting my makeup on, and then I spent 7 hours (!!!) editing the clip.
What do you think? I am very happy that I did this, and I will do more because its so fun!
I want to change the way people see other people, and see that they were not born the way they look like.
Makeup is a lil scary since it can change peoples appearances so much.
But that's also why I like it!
Its some kind of freedom achieving and looking the way you want to.
I hope I can help people achieving that look.

Please comment, like, and share! It would mean soo much to me!
Thank you my dear readers! <3

xoxox Mikuru

fredag 20 juni 2014


Today I've celebrated midsummer with my family and relatives.
It was nice but I felt horrible (as always when it rains) and I didnt have any energy to do my makeup (except for my eyebrows)... Also lazy with clothes
I look sooo pissed but tbh im just tired
didnt sleep much because I got my iphone 5s yesterday so I downloaded apps etc  I am so happy!!!

And the foood delicious
And then some animals 
First time celebrating midsummer in skansen! There were like 25,000 people last year and felt like one million now wow headache

Thats it for now zzz goodnight!!
// Jason
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