onsdag 30 juli 2014

Ikebukuro and Shinjukuuu! Game Hunt!

Hello guys!
Today I met up with a friend from school and we went to Otome Road and searched for cheap otome games, Drama CDs, anime merch etc! 
I didnt find a good dakimakura or ecchi tshirt tho...
They're sooo much merch for all the popular animes seriously. I kinda dont like that since I also want more unpopular merch lmao.
Look at this bicycle shop. Yowamushi Pedal. Bikes.
I would say that Free!, Haikuu!, One Piece, Yowamushi Pedal and Prince of Tennis are the most popular ones in Japan right now. You see them everywhere lmao
My second starbucks in japan really delicious!!!! this was cookie crisp something and was soo goood I have to try the macha one last!!
Animate...... So much stuff... good stuff
Good stuff like anime alcohol DAAMN
And anime ramune omg how kawaii can friggin drinks even get
I love shinjuku so much
Like daaamn that building i fell in love in 1 sec
Appearently that building was Square Enix Main Headquarters hahaha i am so fucked i wanna live here NOW
We went to Square Enix official Café! It was right next to the HQ! 
A sneaky pic of the inside dunno if you could take photos hihiho
They had like these statues and figurines and like a fountain and sooo much cool stuff like silver and gold necklaces of their games like for ex. Keyblades etc
And then now I am on my way home! Bought really much today woops sorry not sorry its almost my last day wäe.... Need to survive in sweden.....
I wanted to buy a psp 3000 but im not sure if i will use it and it was like alot of money (like 50$) so Im waiting. I might buy it but maybe not. Since I wanna play games in japanese but then I have to buy the psp and the games and thats alot of money prob. Idk. I dont really play games that much either and I have an emulator on my PC soooo idk

Well!' Thats it for now!! Bye!!!
Xoxoxo mikuru

Ps i will do a haul video when im back in sweden again!

tisdag 29 juli 2014

Updateeee yas

Yesterday I came home at like 01:15 because I was at a karaoke party and stuff and omg what an adventure I cant write it here in public tho hahah!!
Anyway so I falled asleep pretty late, and forgot to set my alarm (hehe "forgot") so I overslept and that was the best thing ever. Im serious. I slept like 14 hours. So nice, I really needed that.
Me and my bomber gang
We were a big group (11 people) who went to karaoke in shibuya etc!! It was so much fun!!!! Love puri and karaoke omg and they had soo many good songs I died
It was my pretty new friend JoJos last day in tokyo. You dont understand how much I will miss her our friendship is important!! Im so glad I met her she is so nice and funny! Made my trip x times better puss!
And today I met up with cutie Miku in Shibuya! We went to Parco to eat in my melody café but the line was like 2 hours long so we went to Korea Town instead!
I tried to find stuff to my friends but they had nothing good. To be honest I was really disappointed. They only had merch for the big famous groups like Bigbang, Superjunior, EXO, SHINee etc. No Bloack B or Bangtan Boys and almost no B.A.P!!! So I hope I can find some other present to my friends..
Superdelicious mango cake omg<3
This girl had the coolesg bags ever im fuckin dying i asked her if i could take a pic and i was like i love ren and then we instantly bonded with each other. Respect.
And then todays outfit! Didnt have the vest tho i just tried it out in the shop lmao but second time wearing shorts! Or not really shorts but ye
I might look thin but I feel that I've gained more weight here but at the same time my waist has become smaller i dont understand
I friggin love special purikuras like this one piece one and the Evangelion one pmgg
Its a bit scary how long puri sometimes make my legs... Seriously...
Yeah and thats all for now!!
Will prob write more when im in sweden again 
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