torsdag 14 augusti 2014

Up til todaaayyy !

Today was a really good day! I woke up at eight and then ate breakfast and then I read some manga but falled asleep, and woke up at two and then made pancakes for lunch!!
I never thought I would actually do the "Eat, Sleep, Eat..." Thing lmao but i did! Felt nice!!
Me and my cool friend yesterday
 I was at a Lan with nice people but I had to leave at night, and I was supposed to come today again but I was just too tired. I guess I am that kind of person who socialized alot and then needs some alone time to recover.
Was invited to my lovely and cute friend Jonnas bday party some days ago<3 She's a supernice girl with a good heart omg I had a great time<3
Also went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with supernice Stefan! I'm so happy he wanted to meet I've missed him! ^-^ I hope we can become even better friends from now on~! :D Awesome dude!
After that I went to another party at Zeronaga (Zero)s place!! It was my first real party and so much fun...!!! I wanna party more now omg I love meeting new people!
My babes<3
I met my childhood friend Lisa again I've missed her so much!!! I love her she da bomb, its like whenever we're not together I miss her!!
And today! I usually "clean" and remove old clothes once or twice a year but this year I have already done it three times..! 
Im growing lmao my wardrobe is slowly getting better and better..!!!
So Im going to do a blogsale post later weee!!
This is how it turned out after all the cleaning! I fuuuucking love black and white I just need more black then im happy!
This was a bit short buuut yeah! Now imma play this gay game and eat icecream wow nice day really!!!!!!
Hope you all had a great day too!!!
Til next time!!!

Mikuru xxoxoxo
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