måndag 15 september 2014

Outfit and Pictures rundown!

Hello guys!
It's been a while! :D
I'm happy that I finally have time and motivation to start blogging again!
I do it all for my own sake and to document my life and memories, and also ofcourse to share my style and to be inspired myself.
So here we go again!

From the Kawaii Shop Mingle! They recorded to the Kawaii International Show!

School outfit to school! I really love light makeup :D

From Jen's (@sugaryfrills) bday party!! great people!!

 My outfit to her bday party! Simple and black and classy yeah

Met my bestfriend William the other day! We almost never meet but he is the best :D I love the punk look with kawaii manga girls ahaha

met cutie sepideh!! we talked about deep stuff and was fashion!!

School photo outfit! And I love my roxas keything!!! nicenciceninice

From Peppcon!! With lovely Victoria Lovelace and kokoro<3 (@princesstrashcan)

I was sick but I still looked p cool heheh

Improving my eyebrow game

Went to a fancy dinner!

Cut my princelike hair right after the lolita meet hahah

Cutie Melva we almost married (but I'm her son so we couldnt)

 Got this red themed idea so played abit with makeup.

Fika with lovely Lovelace!

 Met the cutest and funniest Isa (@tomidomme) she da rock we watched supernatural and talked and ate nice shit and cuddled with cats aka perfect friendship

 From the lolita meetup!

Went on a date - look :D

and Finally rensade/cleaned my wardrobe!!!!!!!! It looks perfect I just need more black.

Well that's it for now!!
Byebyeeeeeeeeeee OCOCOXOXO MIKURuur
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