tisdag 28 oktober 2014

Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay Photoshoot !

Yesterday me and my bro Taumich went out and took some photos of my spontaneous Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay !!
All photos belong to me, please credit me if you share them for unknown reason.


That's it for this time! It was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuperhard to walk in
my mums high heels but they fitted so good to this cos outfit so I had too..,.,
Pain in my feet..,,.,
And most of the pics turned out blurry but I think it's ok ;A; might fix that in photoshop sometime later but noW IM GONNA EAT MY DADS DELICIOUS FOOD AND WATCH HAIKYUU BYE

tisdag 21 oktober 2014

Evil gyaru inspired makeup tutorial B)

I've done another makeup tutorial wiee!
This took soo much more time that I thought it would take because
my editing program just crashed all the time... and when I fixed it
it wouldn't render the movie :--))
Anyway here it is!
Hope yo' like eeet!
Perfect for halloween or something,,..!

Thanks as always<3

xoxoxo mikruru

torsdag 16 oktober 2014


I've been going to restaurants and cafés with my friends pretty much lately!
Me and my family went to my friend Isa's restaurant she's working in! Not only was she supercute and really good at what she was doing the food was deliciouuuussss!!!
Here's what I ordered!! Mango and wok and woked 野菜 vegetables!
I-I've never eaten anything so delicious. As you might now I absolutely love mango. Everything mango. And this was.&:kr!:&
Cocco (coco??) icecream and dark chocolate sauce HOLYFU--- it was really good wow and creds to isa/tomidomme for doing the chocolate design ahahah!!!
My outfit and some selfies!
The next day I met her and her brother and her brothers girlfriend hahah and went for a fika! It was really nice~~!
Delicious caramel frappé at Waynes House! My fav taste after mango is caramel actually. Then strawberry and then viola!!
We had some fun with facefusion ahshsjahsja
I also went for a fika with lovely Lin! To a café in Old City that appearently was a prison long ago..! We talked mainly about japan since we both were there for a longer time (she was there one year!!)
I had a really cozy and nice time with her she's really nice and cool!! :D
Went for another fika with my lovely ladies Kokoro, Amanda and Victoria!
Kokoro ordered some wierd brain muffin (on the pic) that was made of beans..!!
Mi kokorooo<3333

And some selfieszzzzzz
And then today I met up with suuuperhandsome Johanna! We went to wagamama (it was my first time there!) and i ate dumplings and tori kage age or something like that,,, it was fried chicken anyway! And superdelicious and I was full halfway?? 

She's so funny and such a nice person to hang out with! I felt that we clicked hahah and next time we will go to IKEA and review the food there!!! >:-)) looking forward to it! She's also going to japan next week and I'm literally boiling up from jealousy seriously,,..,..,,

Anyway that's it for now! Gonna do a review on my new sponsored lenses I received later! Byeee for now!!

lördag 4 oktober 2014


I've been very busy lately, and I like that! Its important to have things to look forward to! 
I'm currently trying to be more active on youtube and here of course, and I'm going to review two sponsored lenses from my favorite circle lens stores Pinkyparadise and Lensvillage!
I'm also going to do makeup tutorials with those two lenses! They are awesooome I cant wait til they arrive!
I've also met some friends!! They are the best and I'm so happy for every single one that wants to meet me and hang out wow I've always been kinda lonely so thank you everyone for being my friend..!!
Here's me and cutie Julia or Bubblipop! 
Met my old japanese-class friends and wow how I've missed them! They are the type of friends who you can talk about anything with and wow our discussions are on global level. Love you guys<3

Had a supernice fika with Saga too!! Its been so long since we met and I was so happy that she wanted to meet me too..! When I think of it now I smile thank you!!
Movie night with so many supersupernice people i had a blast!!!! Everyone of you make me so hAPPY wowwwww goldmedals to everyone for existing<3333
And then I finally met my soulmate Vivi again ohshiieet how I like her..!! Send kisses to you<3<3 I MISS HER SO MUCH GRRRR
And then today I met lovely lovely Isa and her friend Elsa!!!! And also her brother!!!! It was very nice as always meeting Isa makes me very happy!<3
I feel like I used the word "happy" too many times but .... Its a good thing ok.

This was such a positive post. Please everyone else do your best to find happiness ok!! Its good for you!!!
Xooxozzo Mikuru

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