fredag 21 november 2014

Lensvillage Review - Fynale Dolly+ Gold

Hello everyone!
Some weeks ago I got these awesome circle lenses from Lensvillage!
They are my favorite circle lens shop since they are always superfast with shipping and have a great range of cute lenses!

It took three to four days for the package to arrive (!) which is really fast!
I choose this color since there was so many anime characters I want to cosplay with this eyecolor,
and also because I wanted something different to my gyaru makeup!

Basic Lightning
 Brighter light
 With flash
Difference, no lens in left eye.
Water Content is 55% so they are really comfortable! They don't get five stars because I've had more comfortable lenses, but still really good water content and my eyes don't feel dry at all!

As you can see in the picture they enlarge just perfectly!

The design is really pretty! And the color is great! But sometimes they look a bit green and are not so vivid unless it's in a very bright environment.
I was really happy with these lenses! There were some few small things I'd like to change but they 
are honestly really good and beautiful! Perfect for both cosplay and gyaru or halloween!
Thank you!

måndag 10 november 2014

Sponsored Review - Vassen Dolly Plus+ Red from Pinkyparadise

Approximately two weeks ago I got one pair of sponsored circle lenses from
dear Pinkyparadise!
I've always wanted red ones because red looks really cool and would fit to my black and red themed clothing style and also to my red wig. Also a lot of anime and game characters I plan to cosplay have red eyes so it was easy choosing a pair.

It took maybe five days for the package to arrive, which is really, really good!
The service and mailing back and forth with Pinkyparadise was really fast and great too!

It came with a small gift, a cute animal lens case, and a protective foam shield around the lenses.

The small gift is a hair-stopper-thing that keeps your hair from falling down before your face
when doing your makeup or putting on lenses etc. 

These circle lenses also have prescription on them, so if you need power then it's 
a long range to choose from!

It was pretty hard to get a good picture from below but it looks better when I put them on.

 Without makeup and filters - 


5 hearts of 5! 
As you can see they are very vibrant and since the black rim isn't extremely big,
it looks a bit "natural". It also blends really well with my natural dark eye color (which is like dark, dark brown). The design isn't very special, or outrageous, and that's what I like!
When you have red eyes you don't want anything more fancy than that!


It did enlarge quite a bit, but not too much for it to look gyaru or "fake". 
I don't think people buy these solely for the enlargement effect, even if it does
make your eyes appear remarkably bigger! (Look at my makeup pics)

It's 42% water content in these lenses which make them wearable for a longer time.
I didn't feel my eyes dry up at least 10 hours after putting them on. 
I do not recommend using circle lenses more than 6-7 hours per day though.
And they were one of the most comfortable lenses I've had! So 4/5 hearts to you!
I'm really happy with these lenses, and I do recommend them if anyone would like to buy enlarging red circle lenses! These ones are my favorite pair til now!
Pinkyparadise is one of the best and most experienced circle lens sellers out there, so
I highly recommend buying from them too!
Both the service and shipping were superfast, easy and great overall!

Xoxo Mikuru

lördag 1 november 2014

Gamex / Comiccon !

Hello everyone!
Went to gamex / comiccon today ! I was also there yesterday, so I'll just upload some pics! Overall ut was a really nice, as usual, just more people this year. I've been at the last 3 or 2 gamex conventions, and I always have a good time meeting new people, testing out new games, cosplaying etc..!

First day~!
I cosplay Lux from Leauge of Legends the first day of gamex / comiccon (it was the second day but first for me)
I've had this cosplay for over 2 years lmao.... Still love her/it though!
Please ignore my wierd face.,,,. But me and my friend Rebecka !! You should ho like her cosplay page at facebook - ! She's really skilled and so good at making cosplays and cosplay/roleplay!!
My no.1 fav superhero (together with spiderman) deadpool babe!!!!
I actually hate my makeup that day I look so mean..... I promise I'm not..!
My bro Taumich awesome Tau Cosplay from Warhammer 40k! Like his facebook page too~ !!
And my other supercute friend Anna as Leia! She also cosplays Riley from Alien vs Predators! Go like her awesome cosplay page too!!
And last, Henrik and his awesomeeeee Alien cosplay wow!! I love it so much ;;3;; In my older posts I have a similar selfie like this hahsshah go like his facebook page ok!! He's aaawesome and ffbshhd
Here's him in his Stormtrooper costume! He did it himself and he's a part of the charity/nonprofit Star Wars organization 501 Legion: Vaders Fist!

Second day~

I've never worn my blonde wig this much hahsahh... Closet Cosplay Babydoll from one of my fav movies Sucker Punch!!! I am really happy with the makeup! Propably gonna use it for normal makeup too since it was so easy and fast..!
Just took my sailor uniform I bought from bodyline in tokyo! And my gun and shiiiet so it was easy and nice! Cute but dangerous maddafakka!!!
Propably the best thing that happend. My babbbiies from Haikyuu!! I was so happy. Best anime.
Met another babydoll!! Her cos was perf! And also really cute!!
And last selfie, me and superduper gorgeous Isa <3 Seriously. Look at her. BEAUTYYY!!!! We also coincidentally matched with twintails yeah!!!
Didnt take so many selfies that day :-( but its ok!! Had a great time at gamex / comiccon anyway! Think I missed some people but I'm happy I met most of my friends! :D
See you next year again gamex!!
(If im not in japan)
Xoxoxo Mikuru
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