lördag 1 november 2014

Gamex / Comiccon !

Hello everyone!
Went to gamex / comiccon today ! I was also there yesterday, so I'll just upload some pics! Overall ut was a really nice, as usual, just more people this year. I've been at the last 3 or 2 gamex conventions, and I always have a good time meeting new people, testing out new games, cosplaying etc..!

First day~!
I cosplay Lux from Leauge of Legends the first day of gamex / comiccon (it was the second day but first for me)
I've had this cosplay for over 2 years lmao.... Still love her/it though!
Please ignore my wierd face.,,,. But me and my friend Rebecka !! You should ho like her cosplay page at facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DarkesttearsDesign ! She's really skilled and so good at making cosplays and cosplay/roleplay!!
My no.1 fav superhero (together with spiderman) deadpool babe!!!!
I actually hate my makeup that day I look so mean..... I promise I'm not..!
My bro Taumich awesome Tau Cosplay from Warhammer 40k! Like his facebook page too~ !! https://www.facebook.com/TaumichsCosplay
And my other supercute friend Anna as Leia! She also cosplays Riley from Alien vs Predators! Go like her awesome cosplay page too!! https://www.facebook.com/ArtyAnnaCosplay
And last, Henrik and his awesomeeeee Alien cosplay wow!! I love it so much ;;3;; In my older posts I have a similar selfie like this hahsshah go like his facebook page ok!! He's aaawesome and ffbshhd https://www.facebook.com/PilerudsCosplay
Here's him in his Stormtrooper costume! He did it himself and he's a part of the charity/nonprofit Star Wars organization 501 Legion: Vaders Fist!

Second day~

I've never worn my blonde wig this much hahsahh... Closet Cosplay Babydoll from one of my fav movies Sucker Punch!!! I am really happy with the makeup! Propably gonna use it for normal makeup too since it was so easy and fast..!
Just took my sailor uniform I bought from bodyline in tokyo! And my gun and shiiiet so it was easy and nice! Cute but dangerous maddafakka!!!
Propably the best thing that happend. My babbbiies from Haikyuu!! I was so happy. Best anime.
Met another babydoll!! Her cos was perf! And also really cute!!
And last selfie, me and superduper gorgeous Isa <3 Seriously. Look at her. BEAUTYYY!!!! We also coincidentally matched with twintails yeah!!!
Didnt take so many selfies that day :-( but its ok!! Had a great time at gamex / comiccon anyway! Think I missed some people but I'm happy I met most of my friends! :D
See you next year again gamex!!
(If im not in japan)
Xoxoxo Mikuru

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