onsdag 8 april 2015

Oh My Lens Review - ICK Kiss Me Gray and Blue Circle Lenses

A long while ago I got lenses from Oh My Lens, from which I had never even heard of before.
But they are my favourite circle lens store now because of their amazing customer service, great quality on the lenses and an amazing of different kinds of circle lenses!
All of their lenses are approved by KDFA (Korea Food and Drug Administration).

The lenses I got were ICK Kiss me in both Blue and Grey / Gray color! Oh My Lens also have these in Hyperopia / for farsightness power/
Link to grey one
Link to blue one

They came in a mail with bubble plastic wrapped around them! Safe!

This was everything I got! The lens cases are free (!)
Also comes with a handy and really!! good guide, instruction paper on how to wear, take care of and 
be safe with lenses. Superimportant!

The blue ones! Link here

 The diameter is 14 mm which is not too big nor too small, and allows your eyes to breathe aswell.
Watercontent is on steady 38% which is really good too! I've usually had lenses around 25-29% so these are much better since they allow your eyes to breathe better and you can wear them longer.
These were the blue ones! 
Now the gray ones !
The grey ones are my favourite because they are sooo comfortable! They look like this when you wear them -
Comparision -
Since the two lenses are the same size and design the enlargement is also the same! I love it! Not too big and still enlarge alot! You can use them as natural, gyaru and everyday lenses!
Not the best to use for vibrant looks for cosplay or masquerade because they are so natural! But I use them to cosplay aswell, I like the natural touch.

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