torsdag 21 maj 2015

HHHH JUST HAD A CALL from the office in japan and holyshiiiiiit it was on japanese and i understood about 99% of what they were saying and skejdsksisis sorry im so shaky wow i was so nervous like you dont understand i had such a hard time focusing on breathing that i sometimes didnt hear what they said whata loser ;;;;
My speaking japanese is so horrible like i never speak and my voice cracked and hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
But they asked me why i liked japan and such and serious things and it finally came up to me
That this is real
Im fkn going
Shit im scared
I want it to be how I would like it to be, but I dont have that power to change the fate? I cant decide how it will be once I get there. Its another country and other rules. 

Anyway so they told me a school in Kobe, close to Osaka (SHIT IT WILL BE SO FKN HOT THERE IN SUMMER I MEAN I COULD BARELY HANDLE TOKYO)
That is both girls and boys (THANK GOD)
And that they have a schooluniform (like i give a fuck???) and blaaaaaaaahhh
So now I know where I'll stay. 
And I really need to learn to speak japanese properly wtf i suck
I'm so incredibly happy though ohmygod

tisdag 12 maj 2015

Study Year in Japan thoughts

As some of you may know if you follow me on social media and like my facebook page 
I will be going to Japan for one whole year this august!
I've wanted to do that, one year in high school in Japan, since I was 10 years old and seriously became interested in that damn country<3
And now finally that dream is true!
This leads me to why I even have a blog in first place, and now when I will be moving there, to a japanese family and house and school and country everything, I will be writing about how I prepare and what I think about and do before I leave Sweden.
Some random selfies i dont have any other pics

I will be going with the swedish company STS which are experienced with high school study abroad things since way back. Right now I feel like their service is pretty good, sometimes they email back slowly and some other times we feel confused, but they are the best ones out here in my opinions lmao you can only find worse the harsh truth.

I havent really prepared anything special yet except for practicing japanese daily i try and mentally preparing myself, because I still feel it's too early too start packing and stuff, will do that at least one month before I leave and then I will pack the whole month propably.

I dont know where in Japan I will be or what family, that is going to be decided after my phone interview with STS colleagues in Japan. This phone interview will be next week and I have no idea if it's on english or japanese so I'm studying even more japanese like mad right now lmao
I will ask my contact person but still..!

I really look forward to this year tho and even if I will miss my friends here in Sweden so much I already knew that so like, it's a sacrifice I have to make and most of them will actually go to Japan/Tokyo while I'm there so..! 
If a friendship doesnt last after one year then it was weak to begin with ya know?
But some things I'm worried about is so material, like my social media activeness and cosplaying. My hobbies. Like makeup etc. It's my life man. I live for having fun with my interests and also sharing them to ppl so I dont know if I will be allowed to even wear makeup or find any cosplayers...
I really hope so tho so ! pray for me guys

That's it for now, will tag these posts with Japan!
Thank you and c u!

tisdag 5 maj 2015

My birthday + Dinner w/ amazing friends

It's been a while since I blogged but now I'm back!
My birthday was 2 days ago, the 3rd of May!
It actually scares me that I'm this age now and that I'm getting older so fast.. I'm just a kid..

Anyway! Celebrated with fam and then on the evening had dinner with my amazing friends at Kinamuren, an beautifully decorated asian buffé restaurant.
I'm so happy for every one of them and that they came, my thankfulness is beyond words.
It was the first time I actually celebrated with so many friends on my birthday so it was great.
Would never thought I would have such amazing friends some years ago hahah.

Took some photos!
My face
And outfit!

 Some of the lovely gang! My kokoro and her bf, Vivi, Endigo, Marine and Kitcha!
 My siblings Ryan and Stella were rad af<3
 Cutest Petri and Lina were the only ones who wore colorful clothes <3
Some of the gang too! We stayed at the restaurant for like?? Four hours? So we were the only ones left in the end lmao
Marine had her instax camera so we took some photos and its awesome! I will treasure it in my purikura album<3


Got some really awesome presents too even tho I didnt ask for anything hhh im blessed
Got my dear friend Victoria Lovelace s Batbow but as collar and hhhhh im crying its perfect

I have so much more to blog about but I'm so much more active at tumblr, twitter, instagram and facebook so just go there and search for tacticalmikuru!
C u!
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