tisdag 21 juli 2015

My japanese high school + uniform

I finally looked through my schools website and
I found that they have so many clubs and activities and also a teacher from canada which feels nice to know someone who can speak english fluently in the school.
I also found the uniforms!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit man
Män och kvinnor enhetlig
The offical ones, winter and summer uniforms!!
Män och kvinnor grå sommar cardigan
And the cardigan versions wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you also have a tie to the male one
Män och kvinnor beige tröja
Män och kvinnor marinblå väst
I swear to god look at this. so cute. Perfect. Amazing. Design is wonderful. Look so comfy.
I didnt really care about how the uniforms would look but now when I saw them.. damn so cute.
I dont know yet if I have to buy them (which I really want now haha) or if I can borrow them. (Hope i can buy them i want them home)

Other than that I havent got a host family yet, and its about 19 days left until I go.
Going to Närcon Summer this thursday and then there's just 12 days left which I propably will spend packing, meeting and saying goodbye to friends and family and then going. nice. finally.
Bye for now!

måndag 6 juli 2015

Avreseläger STS / Exchange student preparation camp in Göteborg

Last weekend I went to Gothenburg in southern Sweden to attend to the obligatory preparation camp for all exchange students.
At first I thought it was completely meaningless because I already feel like I know everything, and well I was right. I didnt learn anything new.
But I decided to book a later train on the way back to Stockholm so I could do some sightseen while I was there, the last time I was in Gothenburg was when I was six or something.
And so much happened that day I'm cryinggg but lets go from the start.
Travel outfit! Black and layers ofc.
Its so much fun to travel alone though. I've always traveled with friends or family but alone feels so free. I felt so free and tasted freedom wow it was amazing. Can't wait til I am in Japan and feel like that again.

Anyway, when I arrived at the centralstation in Gothenburg I found a massive group of young ppl in yellow shirts and ye it was STS leaders, the ones I'll be going with.
So we went to the busses the whole mass of exchange students and I was like. I dont know anyone here. So later I tried to talk to a rly pretty girl with cool hair and then started talking with other ppl with cool hair because. I have cool hair too so idk maybe they were like me.

It was so fun, I talked to everyone on the trip, like the lady from finland that sat beside me on the train, and every student there on the camp aswell. I love humans tbh every human has like it's own world and stuff you know, its amazing.
Some people were really HHH you know and I like hating stuff in a positive way so I started hating some of them and that felt great too.
I don't think I will finish this post so just to sum everything up
If you feel that you know everything about going abroad and studying living there in a family
and what you can choose and shit you dont need to go
I didn't learn anything new, but it was good for those who didnt know that stuff and maybe
decided to study abroad recently.

Will do a vlog next time i think!
Love// Mikuru

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