söndag 30 augusti 2015

Supernice Sunday! Kobe beef and Ikea in Japan

Today was such an amazing day that when I think about it my heart is just getting all warm awww
This host family is the best one I swear to god they are so nice and sweet and amazing great people I dont think I will ever have a better family ever. Like I dont want to leave them awwwwwwww

Today is Sunday so my hostdad doesnt have work, and so the whole family are going to trips and stuff every sunday yay!!!! looking forward so much til next sunday heheheh

fkn love japanese ppl sometimes this shit is so useful. instead of looking around everywhere for damn bowling shoes just go to one of these lockers then BAM down right

Well it started with yesterdays bowling that made us all go to bed very late ( I actually stayed up 1 and a half more hour editing my vlog and watching rupauls dragrace) and thus we woke up kinda late at 12. But then we went to a planetarium!!!! We were actually going to a white castle shrine thing first but the weather was so bad (raining) so something inside was better. And I love fkn space and planets and the cosmos and universe so I was really happy even tho the planetarium movie really was a movie with a wierd horny dude talking about stars and the end of the world?? and i was getting really dizzy in there because i was so sleepy because of his damn voice and the piano calm meditation music in the background ahahahah

Then they bought my fav vacuumized food MMM gonna become an astronaut only because of the foody

 nana <33333 this is an extreme rare ikea sight

Then . the days highpoint. IKEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA my sweet home sweetely sweet i love u
It's so fkn cheap here its even cheaper in japan because of the yen sweet damn son

And then we went for dinner at a restaurang which was A MA AZING WTFFFFFFF
They served Kobe Beef barbeque style and holy shit i swear to god i have never eaten or laid my sweet tongue on something yummier like . damn fuck im never gonna eat meat more delicious than that damn kobe beef. it just melted in my mouth and perfect flavor you dont even need salt or something its perfect the way it is. precious

fun thing that happend: while eating a much larger beef slice it got stuck in my throat so i tried to swallow it but it was so large i couldnt breathe and it got stuck even more and i tried to fight the urge to puke but we were sitting and eating and i was stupid and  was like i can handle this but i couldnt so my sweet cute hostsis was like are u fkn okay? and i did those puke motions and they were like wtf is happening. My hostmum is the sweetest tho she helped me and was so quick to do that aaa so we ran to the toilet and i puked that delicious piece of meat up. then i could breathe. it was terrifying honestly i felt close to death not even kidding. dangerous af, never gonna make myself go through that again and just tell them to cut the fkn meat if its too big for my mouth or like i cant eat this its too large. Extremely important to tell everyone how you feel if you dont feel good. Your life first man.

Yeah but except for that I had a great day and I love this fam so much thanks
also have my first day at school tomorrow, just gonna introduce myself for the whole school and then go home tho so. new vlog by then!

fredag 28 augusti 2015

Tennis and food

Had yet another supergreat day with my host fam, I laughed so much I loooove them aaaa and they helped me with japanese, kanji and various word etc.
I also played tennis together with my host bros teacher and him, it was hard but really fun!!! Japanese do have a different way to teach tennis lmao the lessons I took were like . Play matches through the whole lesson and no technique practice but this was like. Stand on one foot and swing backhand. Stand at 40 degrees in front of the teacher with your feet together and hit backhand. Amazing. And like, hit straight. I never practice hitting / controlling the course of the ball, I usually just fkn hit it you know and thus win? Just hit it until your opponent cant has been my style since the beginning so this was very exciting for me! And internesting and useful!!! Very happy!!
My day started with my hostmums SUPERYUMMY BREAKFAST she's a diamond love her <33
random shrine close to the tennis court?? Amaze
Me and my sleepin hostsis lmao cuute
Food scary af and also sad
I laughed sooo much when we played some kind of wordgame where the last hiragana/katakana is the beginning of the next word, and I just randomly made up a kanji and they were like WTHATTHEFUCK IS THIS WOW HOW U KNOW THIS KANJI AMAZE im like . Yes

Tomorrow we gon do some hanabi ? Idk really but I'mma do my makeup FINALLY YESSS

tisdag 25 augusti 2015

My current hostfamily I

I'm about to go to sleep, tomorrow is my first day at school, not real day tho just to get more information, meet the teachers and get my school uniform!
Today the typhoon went close by so we stayed inside. I got to spend some real quality time with my hostsister Sora and hostbrother Shouma. It's been a while since I laughed this much tbh.
Everything is better when your host family is good. Like everything. I feel safe and sure, my selfesteem is on top. Last week was piss compared to now lol
I love this family so muuuuuuuuch aaaaa
Look what my hostbro did for his honework omggg 
Desk!! Its my hostbros old room I think because there's One Piece stuff everywhere
First night and got my hair fixed (more abt that later)
Wan pisu
Went to see my hostbro play tennis!!
Nice i kinda feel like playin again sajk
Homemade omurice!!!!!
The dad is such a sugardaddy . Literally
We spent the whole day inside because of the typhoon and extreme raining/wind but it was so fun ohmygod. Since I'm very competetive I got so exited when we played jenga and then card games and then table tennis shit and then wii sports and super smash X and then card games and table tennis again thats literally what we did the whole day it was so goo ood and aaaaa
But ye will update more later c ya!!

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