måndag 17 augusti 2015

Best weekend ever??? PICS

So this weekend was AMAZING great i had so much fun and really needed that because I was feeling down like the whole week.
So on saturday I went to an Owl Cafe in Akihabara (!!!) with my babe Agnes and Malva and her hostfamily, they are so nice and fun everyone of them ohmygoddd
These two were so big u dont understand. Like the trees they're standing on are actual big trees maybe 20 cm in diameter !!! Mighty 
This smol one wasnt intimidating at all it was scared so it stood in the corner judging everyone lmao
I took so many selfies with him my fav
And as Kar said, I cant believe I met Bokuto from Haikyuu!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
I love u . My buddy

And then after we went to eat pizza and then we went to Asakusa for the Lantern Festival O-bon!
I changed into yukata and had Malvas hostmum get it on me in the toilet lol that was an experience, she's a pro ;-)
We also met hostsisters boss and he treated us all to food and shit it was GREAT whata sugarpapa
Free food!!!!! Everything is better when Free tbh

Then Sunday!
Me chillin in my traditional japanese room
On Sunday me and my hostfamily had decided to visit Kamakura and Enoshima, and there are alot of Edo period places and monuments! 
We took the car to Fujisawa and then the train to Kamakura, there's a 1 day ticket for like 6$ that you can use all day for that train. The actual train was SO COOL too!! I only have video of that so watch my vlog to see!

This dude is my fav...... I almost cried when I saw him..... This is perfect...
Why they think mumin is swedish? Sorry finland
Matcha Soba noodles
This is the common fashion of japan tbh
Me and Buddha <3
Inside their head
This isnt japan its hawaii
Saik its Enoshima, Shonan in which the cool youngsters surf and have a nice summer and i wanted to swim so badly the sea was calling my name i love beaches aaaaa
Enoshima Aquarium!!!
I have 4 min on snapchat this museum lmaooo will upload on youtube so
I must go back.
That was my amazing weekend <3 I love this country tho

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