tisdag 13 oktober 2015

Update on the friend area

Finally have some more time to blog, think I will do i everytime I have this lesson lmao
My new time schedule for school is nice even if i just had accustomed to the first one.
I have two hours free study time on tuesdays and tomorrow two hours computer and i can also skip whatever lesson i like to "study japanese"
I am studying japanese tho but i am also blogging, reading news and watching youtube videos hehe
But I like it! Its more interesting than classical japanese and their english lessons so im happy!

I have to update on the friend area, like two-three weeks ago I wanted to kill half of my friends but now Ive made so many new ones. Actually since i started braiding my hair ive started to get more friends wtf am i that cute with braids lmaooo
but like today at lunchbreak, i went to another class classroom with my hostsis and her friends, and people from other classes were calling my name and inviting me over and stuff and im so happy thanks, im tired of my hostsis friends who are not my type of people, theyre nice and stuff but not my cup of tea you know.
Tomorrow Im going to eat sushi with two newly made friends too, and I think you have to have courage to try to talk to people. But it is hard, how do you keep a conversation going and stuff like that.
Like theres some people in my class I havent even talked to yet and its been like more than one month
i just dont know what to ask them you know

And i looked on the internet, found a great site called Cosplayers Archive, which japanese people upload their cosplays and you can also find alot of events there so on saturday i might go to an cosplay event near my house!! nice!!!!!!!!!!
Really want to get friends with the same interests so I can watch those anime cinema movies lmao

also i talked to my school caretaker about studying japanese for the JLPT test, and like having a teacher, and one of the teachers at school who i really like is going to teach me after schools at tuesday! So damn nice!!! She asked if the school could buy the JLPT textbooks too and the principal said yes so wow im so happy!
And today I also saw this teacher fkn SCREAM i mean he screamed so hard the whole school heard it, like one student didnt have his tie on and the teacher fkn flipped it was so scary. its just a tie man cHILL i felt so sorry for the student like he didnt say anything and were being screamed at in the face i mean whatthefuck man. Having an adult scream at you is not a good feeling and I wonder how that boys health and where the negativity will go. damn japan
And today i had my hair in an updoe that accidentally showed my ear piercings, and no one said anything except for my caretaker teacher but she didnt even say take them off she was like thats against the rules and i was like okey woops.
When I was studying alone in the Future Meeting room thing (a room filled with university pamphlets and study books and shit right in front of the teachers room) one of the most strict teachers came in and started casually talking to me and it was so fun because
he is gigantic like round and everyone is scared of him but hes actually really nice
and his dialect is really really heavy so sometimes i dont understand what hes saying so ahhahah idk
but teachers can be so strict and dangerous here its bad
i wonder how much they get paid

torsdag 8 oktober 2015

Japan exchange student pic spam - Food, High School Tests, Braids, Anime, Osaka and Kyoto

Just thought I was gonna upload some pics to balance out for the last blogpost where I only posted text!

look at this fkn drink. i hate loved it tasted sweet but pumpkin??? idk

im currently doing all the tests that the other students also do except for japanese, so
heres a part of the math one woops i just remembered i had homework on that lmao fuck

TIPS FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS do this shit i feel so much better after doing this before going to bed ur health is very important ganbatte kudasai

look how cute me

swedish tv host noob burning shit was so funny it was on japanese tv show

bought new cute and noice af lipgloss ish thing i want to eat it every time i smell it

me being cute and a bit intimidating . perfect

more test, this is japanese history. got 25 point of hundred wow i am genius i barely read the questions lmaooo damn kanji

chilling greatly with my perfect hair

saw haikyuu first ep of the new season!!!!!!!111111 i love

me being chill and cool af

EVA JUICE !!!!!!!!!! wth japan

supercheap salmon wth japan

I've been practicing on french braids and dutch and every other white stole it from black culture country braid types wow so difficult so fun and v cute

me and the dog Hana-chan being ugly and cute
Im scared of dogs but since my last 2 host fam has dogs i kinda learned how to handle them nice

first attempt at french braid 

met a swedish friend in osaka!!!! very nice thank u!! look how cool we are B)

Ate this on the swedish national cinnamon day, japanese cinnamon mochi roll B))) much yummy

school uniform without the vest and ceremony socks CUTE dont understand why everyone hates those socks they look neat

Went to Kyoto with my hostfam and visited a Edo kind of place! like for cosplayers and usually filmmakers, commercial etc

we ate roll sushi!!!!! so full i think i ate 9 plates wow son and first time eating CRAB i feel so sorry for the crabby but i am a monster we all are it might be ok :'( sorry crab-kun u werent even that delicious

after the dinner we went to Rokko-san mountain and enjoyed the view in superstrong and cold winds!!
i love tall places

cute place in kyoto love that city

angel heart wth looK AT MY BABIES and KYOTO AAA

It was some kind of Touken Ranbu theme at the Kyoto Samurai/Meiji place wow so many babes


Our goal, the gold tempel wow so beautiful but i like silver better tbh

My cute outfit, borrowed this farmer jeans from my hostsis LMAO surprised it fit she's so much thinner than me

When in Osaka with my swedish friend Haru we went to an Book Off AND DAMN LOVE THAT PLACE SO MUCH CHEAP AND MANY DIFFERENT MANGA LOOOVE
not only the popular ones but my fav ones that usually arent that popular im so happy i bought so much for so cheap i love japan

My hostbro was like LOOK WHAT I RENTED the attack on titan movie!!! but it turned out to be some kind of ero parody and so fkn bad not the one that is showing on cinema now i died

package home to sweden with clothes and manga books!!! 3000 yen and it will take 2-3 months LMAO

my mums great breakfast i love her she so goooood

Sailor Moon chocolate B)


ur mirror

bREAKFAST this looks like on an restaurant tbh

this is why i came to japan everyone

this too
fuck need to find someone to watch that shit with

10/10 pudding

Thats it for now sorry for the mess but !!!!!!!!! BYE

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