tisdag 6 oktober 2015

japanese exchange student rants and wants alot

I'm in school right now and finally have time and opportunity and most important ENERGY to write another blogpost so here I go!

This week is all tests only, two hours test doing and then everyone goes home and studies more for the following days where there are more tests waiting.
That means that I have no one to hang with outside of school when it ends and I dont know what to do.
I'm thinking more and more how I wish I was in Tokyo where I know people and where I know the places, but at the same time I can actually do that here too. Try to explore and try to find new friends outside of school. But when you're a hoststudent living in a hostfamily, its a bit different because you feel like your family owns you (maybe thats not different from how it usually is tho) and thus you cant really do things on your own. I kinda miss that. I dont know what to do.
I have things to do but they are things that are boring and I dont want to be inside the house all the time, I want to go outside and meet new people.
And there you have another problem.
How do you interact with people you dont know but want to know?
I think that if you're two or more its easier than being alone and try to talk to someone you dont know.
But Now A Teacher came in and I dont know him why did he come in and tried to talk to me HAHAH thats actually relevant to the topic?? Ohmygod did that teacher want to be my friend help

Anyway so yeah Im just gonna ask my sis if I can go to some big place alone like i dont care anymore I'm tired of being inside. Today I'm propably gonna take a jog or something but like the last time I did it everyone started crying because they though I was kidnapped since I ran for 1 hour (like  usually do in sweden but i forgot to tell them((they thought I was gonna jog for like 10 min)) so HH but its important that you do things for yourself, try to make everything nice so you can become happy again ok.

another topic is social media, its very hard to keep up with other friends and stuff there and that is good in one way so I can focus on being here but at the same time I have spent so much on my instagram etc I dont want to loose it? Its nice to have by the side you know. But I dont know what to upload lately, old pics with my hair or current ones? I feel like many people followed me because of my hair and idkkkkk but honestly everything will be fine in the end I think and before I know about it I will be back in Sweden again with my beloved hair lmao
But I also love my current hair??? why is it so hard its just a fkn hair cells small things

Oh and I also want to go to cosplay meets and buy wigs but wigs here are like a lil more expennsive than ebay so idk but the quality is so much better so it fine

if you read all of this wow i love you
see you next time i have this perfect situation!

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Rakel sa...

Feel you om att familjen äger en!! Man kan inte ba tjarå hänger med folk 5 dagar i rad för de är ju värdfamilj för att de vill lära känna en och ens kultur typ. Och typ mina värdsystrar vill ju att jag ska umgås med dem.

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