söndag 1 november 2015

New hostfam - sad post

So I can do everything if i put my mind on it, this is a fact. But when i dont rly want to do something, i only see the negative stuff. Which can be problematic. especially now.
I moved to my new hostfamily, cried so many times because i love my last one so much and dont wanna leave them.
They were the best hostfamily i'll ever have propably.
And I cant get over it. I'm so sad.
It doesnt matter how my next families are kind of,  im just not interested in them and that scared me because its bad for my exchange.

I realize even more how great they were now because i moved to this normal family. 
What I need to do is to stop looking back and look at the positive things with the new fam but damn son it hurts

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