söndag 10 januari 2016

burn book jason ranting

I have to do this im so angry now at everything
please dont take this seriosly but kinda do because im so angry

hate hate htatethahteahhtaehehhetahet
my new hostfamily
who does my hostmum think she is
im not putting up with this shit anymore
im not going to act like im thankful for shit i didnt even ask for
im tired of acting like im happy and sweet and nice when i want to burn the whole house up
im so so so sos angry sososoos upset
and my friends hostfamiky wont let my friend go with me to the concert
i fully understand why and i do dododo respect that but im fkn crying i really really wanted to go and i dont wanna go alone
dont even think it would be fun if i went alone either
should i go anyway
im so saaaaaaaaaaaaaad i hate theeeeeeeeeem but i do understand that she cant go but im so sad angry upset want to stab my pillow
and i want to change hostfamilies noooooooooooow god pleaseeeeeee
it was such a good day too but now everything fucked up
bye gon cry myself to sleep

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