tisdag 16 februari 2016

so not homesick and very stressed - 4 months left

i have so many things to do and just feel so stressed rn
theres only 4 months left
and when i come back to sweden i dont know what to do
like theres 1 month before the school starts
and until then idk idkddkkkdkdkdd
i can study but my parents want me to work
and i also want to keep my japanese and use it somehow in sweden
im gonna try my best to find something to do
but im so tired and stressed because theres also things i need to do here
and i have so many things on my mind and
things i have to do

so i just have to do them
im so incredibly happy though that im here and my hostfamily and friends are amazing
but i feel like its going to end so soon
and the everyday life here is so good
and im also scared of how it will be when i come back to sweden
and i will lose my routines and kindoff very nice everyday life
because in sweden i was messy af ahahha dont want it to become that way again
but in the end its me who decided and does that
so im going to do my best
i know i can do it
but damn i feel stressed son lmao
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