fredag 27 maj 2016

Stresssssssssssssssssss and no time

Long time no writing!
Alot has happend but you know what, if you wanna see what Im doing on a daily basis then follow me on twitter and snapchat etc.. I feel like this blog is more for me to write down my thoughts longer than I can on twitter lmao.

Anyway, with three weeks left I feel extremely stressed but calm at the same time.
And I'm mostly happy but sometimess sad at the same time, sad because I want to do more with my friends and we just dont have the time to do that.
On the love front its very very veyr veyvyrev wierd and good, im interested in some guys and they are interested in me too but you know, there can be anything since Im going home so soon.
So i just enjoy the ride.

Im at the point where I dont care. I dont have the fucks to be shy anymore
and I just roll on.
And its amazing and im good

Ive changed alot on this exchange, not so much personality and culturalwise but I've definitely grown stronger in myself, learn to love myself fully, and changed style completely.

I'm a bit sorry (not really) to say that I dont really watch or have any interest in anime and manga anymore, I dont know if I will continue cosplaying either.
I never thought that I would stop liking Japan for its subcultures that made me come here, but
I just lost it when I was here in the real deal. There's so much more to the world than only that.

Im gonna sell my old cosplays tho so pls buy everything lmao
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